Smart assistant app

for people with communication challenges


A hands-free smart

assistive communication app

to give the freedom to connect with the world.

Why lulu ?

People are isolated from their environments due to a lack of upper body motion and speaking impairment. This leads to daily challenges with communication, independence, and a social connection.


Before Lulu, there was no user-friendly assistive technology to help these people communicate more efficiently.

Lulu is a smart hands-free personalized assistant giving people with communication challenges the freedom to connect with the world.

That's why

Lulu is a game-changer.

Loro? Lulu?

Previously, Loro was a wheelchair bounded assistive robot. But, Lulu is a new product that is focused on a hands-free smart communication system you can download & try it on your smart device. 

Please, contact us to find out the detail. 

Featured in


... the first thing to bring artificial intelligence that is accessible to the disabled. Loro is a game changer. 


 It is badly needed. ... ,

We are forced into dependency when we are perfectly capable of independence given the opportunity. Independence of this nature could save millions in-home care and save even more in humiliation and helplessness. 



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