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Communication For All, without limits

Hands-free Smart assistant app

for people with communication challenges.

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Female wheelchair user frustrates with communication

Why lulu?

People are isolated from their environments due to a lack of upper body motion and speaking impairment. This leads to daily challenges with communication, independence, and a social connection.

people download an app using eye tracking

How does it work?

Lulu is a new product that is focused on a hands-free smart communication system you can download & try it on your smart device. 

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Wanna try out?

Lulu is looking for beta testers to ensure that Lulu improves your communication, enable connectivity, and foster a sense of community.

It is free of charge!

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 It is badly needed. ... ,

We are forced into dependency when we are perfectly capable of independence given the opportunity. Independence of this nature could save millions in-home care and save even more in humiliation and helplessness.