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Communication for all, without limits

Smart hands-free assistive communication app 

AI enhanced assistive technology that give a voice to the verbally impaired

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Why Lulu

Bringing the true power of AI  for enhanced communication

People with motor skill and speaking impairments tend to be isolated from their environment. The difficulties in communication they suffer often leads to frustration, loss of independence and social isolation.

Lulu offers its users the ability to interact with their environment in powerful ways. This eye-tracking powered app collects contextual information from the environment and can predict and suggest sentences for the users to become their voices.

You can download & try Lulu on your smart device

Coming soon to iOS, Android and Windows!





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Lulu is the first AAC software to incorporate artificial intelligence to adapt to people with
motor skills and verbal communication challenges. Thanks to our eye-tracking powered app users can communicate up to 10x faster compared to traditional AAC softwares.


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How it Works

Efficient communication powered by AI

How it works

Objects and face recognition

Lulu includes a video processing AI that detects people and objects in real-time in the user's surroundings.

This allows Lulu to predict and suggest different kinds of interactions for the users based on their environment.

Natural Language Understanding

Lulu will understand what is being said to the user and suggest answers accordingly

Speech to Text

Text to Speech

Smart hub integration

Lulu 's users will recover independence thanks to the world of IoT


Why you love Lulu?

"It is badly needed!"

We are forced into dependency when we are perfectly capable of independence given the opportunity. Independence of this nature could save millions in-home care and save even more in humiliation and helplessness



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