Loro is a smart, caring, playful, cool, and personalized companion for wheelchair users, that can see, speak, listen and learn by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The system will be able to monitor users' health status in real-time and provide reminders for medication and tasks. The robot will enhance physical abilities by empowering users with more than one way to interact with their environments and loved ones and how they communicate with others.


Loro in Action



360-degree rotation

Rotates 360 degrees, pans and tilts 180 degrees, to fully capture surroundings.

Integrated into the camera is a new form of safe and instant communication.

Flash light &
Laser Pointer

Versatile Attachment

A stable clip-on mount can be easily attached to any part of the wheelchair and installed in under 2 minutes.


Loro can be controlled by our smartphone app or by eye-tracking technology. Additional features include live facial recognition, live streaming, taking photos, recording videos, and video chatting.


An accessible UI designed in collaboration with end-users integrates with existing technologies such as Tobii, Microsoft Azure and smart devices to provide cohesive and intuitive control.



Vision & Memory

The 360 degree rotating camera gives users a broader field of vision and empowers them to see not only around and behind but also above and below.


Text to speech.

Speech to text.

Through the integrated laser pointer interface, users are able to communicate at the speed of light.


Builds a community to enable wheelchair-accessible


Loro serves as an advanced mirror, helping users drive their wheelchairs more safely at home and on the road.

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What People Say

Diane Serley ,User with ALS

I'd use it. The pointer would be very handy. Sometimes I get the chair in a position where I can't see behind me and don't move for fear of rolling over someones toes especially in public in a public theater.

Kristine Copley , Compassionate Care ALS

Currently it's ... quite impossible to see what's going on behind [pALS]. I'm very excited about your proposed camera and feel that it can benefit many pALS.

About Lulu

A smart hands-free assistive communication app.


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