Johae Song
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer
Johae Song holds MS from Harvard GSD, studying Design Technology and B.Arch from Cooper Union. As CEO and Creative Director of Lulu, formerly Loro. Johae manages the operations, vision, and culture of Loro. In addition, she designs Loro’s branding and graphs. Furthermore, she designs and develops the functional and experiential dimensions of hardware and software and conducts various forms of product research in order to push our designs even further. Johae has a friend who is an ALS warrior who inspired her to build technology for people who need it most. Before Loro, Johae had 5+ years of inclusive design and product design experience.
She is a creator, artist, and designer who seeks out opportunities to broaden her perspective while utilizing work to affect the real, meaningful process. As Johae Song has grown as a creator, she has found herself drawn to a number of fields; she has earned a degree in architecture from the Cooper Union and interior design, pursued fine art and fashion, and explored a breadth of cultures. Her personal website is
Johae's spiritual animal: Flamingo & Cheetah
“I believe that Inclusive Design is Good Business.”