Giving people with physical challenges the freedom to connect with the world


Loro is a smart personalized companion for wheelchair users to navigate safely and to communicate efficiently. 

Loro will enhance physical abilities by empowering users with more than one way to interact with their environments and loved ones and how they communicate with others.


An accessible ui design in collaboration with end-users integrates with existing technologies.

Users can control Loro through a joystick, an eye-tracking device like Tobii, a head-mouse or a touch screen app.


vision & memories


360° rotation camera

Rotates 360-degree, pans and tilts 180-degree, to fully capture surroundings. 


face recognition 

& follow cam

Integrated Face API to recognize predefined faces, and keeping her centered to enhance the quality of communication


Text to speech. Speech to text. Through the integrated laser pointer interface, users are able to communicate at the speed of light.

speech pink.png

speech to text

& Text to Speech

integrated a text-to-speech API for Loro to speak to friends naturally and to improve accessibility and usability.



& Laser pointer

Integrated into the camera is a new form of safe and instant communication. Also, a flashlight to drive a wheelchair safely in a dark.



integrated OS

with touch/gaze control

An accessible UI designed in collaboration with end-users integrates with existing technologies



wheelchair mount

A stabled clip-on mount can be easily attached to any part of the wheelchair

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why LORO?


The 360-degree rotating camera gives users a broader field of vision and empowers them to see not only around and behind but also above and below.


Users can take photos, record videos, and live streaming, anything, anytime, and anywhere.


Text to speech. Speech to text. Through the integrated laser pointer interface, users are able to communicate at the speed of light.


Loro serves as an advanced mirror, helping users drive their wheelchairs more safely at home and on the road

... the first thing to bring artificial intelligence that is accessible to the disabled. Loro is a game changer. 


This device will help me drive

easier especially in reverse or to light a dark pathway, as we as being able to point things out for CNA’s

- Jack

I’d use it. The pointer would be very handy. Sometimes I get the chair in a position where I can’t see behind me and don’t move for fear of rolling over someone's toes especially in public in a public theater.



 It is badly needed. ... ,

We are forced into dependency when we are perfectly capable of independence given the opportunity. Independence of this nature could save millions in-home care and save even more in humiliation and helplessness. 



These Brilliant and compassionate innovators are working to enhance the quality of life for those who so deserve it!

Nancy Frates,

a mother of Ice Bucket pioneer, Peter Frates

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A person with physical disabilities can’t interact with the world the same way as the able, but there’s no reason we can’t use tech to close that gap. Loro is a device that mounts to a wheelchair and offers its occupant the ability to see and interact with the people and things around them in powerful ways.

Devin Coldewey,

a seattle-based writer and photographer, TechCrunch