Communication for all,

without limits

Lulu is a hands-free smart communication system you can download & try on your smart device. 

It is designed for those who are unable or struggle to talk or move their upper body and cannot communicate and connect with their community and loved ones. Lulu has been iterated and validated by a number of users to meet their needs.

Lulu is built for you first.

We carefully layout and design the interaction for you to feel comfortable to use and is compatible with all existing assistive switches, including eye-tracking, head mouse, or joystick.

Here are our main features:

AI purple.png


understands you

Lulu assisted you based on what you see and hear.

For example, when Lulu see or hear the bottle of water, Lulu suggests you to say

“I am thirsty.” or “Can I have some water?”.

This save your time from typing each word.

Lulu is your smart


Existing speech to text/text to speech technology is slow; it can take over 10 minutes to write a straightforward sentence.

Lulu’s intelligent sentence prediction learn from your communication style and personalized library help you to communicate efficiently and faster.

Lulu Beta testing  text to speech / speech to text.png

Available in Spanish 🇪🇸 & English 🇺🇸

Lulu is currently beta-testing stage and looking for a beta tester.

It is coming soon to the App Store.
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We commit to never monetize your personal data.
Lulu will anonymize collected data in order for Lulu to assist you better, bringing
unique interaction and experience.