• Lin Zhu

MIT Fuse x Harvard iLab Venture Incubation Program

This wintersession, OWL participated in MIT Fuse, a 3-week entrepreneurship training program that took teams with MIT founders with start-up ideas and propelled them forward through workshops, clinics, and mentorship. Fuse took place at the MIT Martin Trust Center. Not only did it help teams formulate budgeting and marketing plans, but it enabled OWL to push forth a new prototype and launch the second round of user testing.

“We experienced an entrepreneurial lifestyle customized to our goals, from pitching, conducting primary market research, reaching early customers, to developing our business plan. We are grateful for the significant time that mentors devoted to help us take the critical first steps to turn our ideas into a reality. We have been learning how to truly satisfy our customers’ needs and beyond.“

— David Hojah, OWL Assistive Technologies Innovation Specialist

“People were very willing to take their time to help each other. It felt like a big family working together—and there was always someone who had the expertise who could help! A great piece of advice stuck with me: ‘Stop making and start selling. People need your products to improve their lives as soon as possible!’”

— Frank Gao, OWL Assistive Technologies Lead Engineer

This January, OWL will be joining Harvard iLab’s Venture Incubation Program (VIP). VIP offers business mentoring and rich resources that will accelerate OWL from a team into a fast growing startup. During this period, OWL will be utilizing VIP resources to continue building business models to prepare for the initial product launch in late-2018.

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