• Lin Zhu

Loro Wins Harvard China Fund, ZhenFund, GGV Capital

Updated: May 5, 2019

Loro won Second Place at the Harvard College China Forum Pitch Competition, winning a $20K prize.

Lin Zhu and Nicky Wojtania pitched at Harvard Business School as one of the 8 Finalist Teams selected from hundreds of startups around the world. It was such a wonderful opportunity to learn from our judges, a brilliant, inspirational panel of investors and CEOs from China and US. 
 We are incredibly grateful for the support of ZhenFund 真格基金 and GGV Capital that will allow Loro to further fulfill our mission. Thank you Anna Fang, Hans Tung, Yusen Dai, Saman Farid, Wei Jiang, Reed Sturtevant, Haifei Zhang, Andrew Yan and all of our judges. Thank you Harvard College China Forum for organizing this amazing conference.

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