Loro @ PVA Healthcare Summit + Expo 2019

Loro is proud to have been part of 2019 Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) Healthcare Summit + Expo in Orlando August 15-17. For eight years, PVA has organized a Summit that is focused on sharing newfound information, novel research, and science that could improve the lives of those with spinal cord injury/disease (SCI/D), MS, and ALS. Paralyzed Veterans of America was founded almost 70 years ago with the mission to support SCI/D, MS, and ALS patients, and the annual Summit is just one of many ways this goal has come to life.

During the expo, Loro exhibited our product alongside many other well-established healthcare innovators. This was an amazing opportunity for our team since Loro is designed and developed to improve the lifestyle of wheelchair users, SCI/D, MS, and ALS patients. After interacting with patients, therapists, and caregivers, the Loro team came back more committed than ever to creating, perfecting, and releasing a product that can help our users as much as possible. For three days we were able to educate about Loro, learn about new innovations, and collect feedback. But our favorite parts of the weekend was being able to see the reaction on people’s faces after using Loro. Below are a few reactions:

Visitors Wow Moments

· “Oh! I need Loro, where can I buy this?”

· “This is cool, the best part is that it works with my ability-switch”

· “Couple of my patients have lost their ability to speak because of ALS-I should talk to them about Loro”

· A 62-year wheelchair user said “I can click pictures of my grandchildren when they are around me. This is lovely!”

· “OH MY GOD, it knows what I want to say! And what I am looking at now! How cool is that”

· “I can go watch a game of soccer with this now”

This three-day Summit + Expo not only helped us demonstrate our product, learn from users’ feedback, make networks but also helped us to let all the attendees know that Loro is there to give people with a physical disability the freedom to connect with the world. We are very thankful to have had the opportunity to interact with all the attendees and beyond grateful to Permobil for providing the wheelchair we used during demonstrations.

Hear from the team at Orlando

Venessa: The feedback was immensely positive. The conference attendees recognized the significance of how Loro's product can contribute not only to their users but to the wider community like their family members or care providers. Being here was an amazing experience to get in touch with different possible stakeholders since it is a multidisciplinary event. We were able to talk with possible users, speech therapists, clinicians or patient associations. Each of these segments provided us with valuable feedback and advice that we definitively should implement in Loro.

David: It was our pleasure to be part of PVA summit 2019. We have been passionately continuing our mission to empower people with physical challenges. It was amazing to discuss and present Loro in front of hear top healthcare professionals and technical experts in USA. Loro team is happy to maximize independence and freedom for Veterans of America and their loved ones.

Olena: I see a lot of potential clients from EMEA, we want to go global. I thoroughly enjoyed learning Loro from the user’s perspective. I can’t imagine the pain of our users, it motivates the entire team to invent and develop an innovative solution. Our meeting with PVA directors gave us leverage to reach veterans with our future product launch as we have planned. We as a team will put all our efforts and focus to get Loro to market as soon as we can.

Bharath: I had the privilege to see how happy I can make our users with the software we have developed at Loro. This means a lot to me and to my personal career. I now know users expect more from us and we will productize their feedback sooner as we research more about users from similar medical conditions. Putting your product into demonstration and learning from how users interact with it is not an easy opportunity. I thank Loro for having me here and let me see what I have contributed.

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