• Lin Zhu

Loro Wins Inside AI Competition-San Francisco

Loro wins second place!

On Tuesday May 21, Lin and David represented Loro at the Inside AI Live Conference in San Francisco. Loro was selected as one of the top 8 early-stage AI startups in the US. Lin pitched during the final competition amongst 7 other startups and took home second place for Loro! Thank you judges Rob May (Talla), Javaughn Lawrence (Eniac VC), Kira Noodleman (Bee Ventures), Jana Eggers (NaraLogics).

We had the opportunity to hear industry leaders speak about why AI is the most important investment trend of the next decade, how to overcome investors’ AI objections, and engineering the future of AI for businesses. Additionally, we learned how Biobot Analytics is using AI to solve the opioid crisis, and how RAIN is making chips with neuron-like architecture for faster matrix multiplication which provides unparalleled computational power.

Thank you Jason Calacanis, Talla, IBM Watson, Half Court Ventures, and the Inside AI team for organizing such a wonderful conference.

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