• Lin Zhu

Loro Unites with US Veterans

Updated: May 9, 2019

As Loro works with the Paralyzed Veterans community, Veterans Magazine (PN) Copyright “Paralyzed Veterans of America 2019 has featured Loro in the May 2019 Edition!

Loro will empower veterans with conditions including spinal cord injuries (SCI), ALS, and similar conditions of limited mobility. It is our honor to help wheelchair-bound American veterans regain Control, Communication, Connectivity, and Community. Our mission and values align directly with that of the Veteran Affairs (VA): to maximize the independence of the veterans of America.  

We are looking for veterans who have spinal cord injuries to test our product. Our developers would love to receive user input and further develop our technology.

Please sign up for our pilot program here:

Please email us if you have any questions at

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